Sidelying Reach and Roll

This is an instructional video of commonly used physical therapy exercises for the spine, trunk and extremities. These exercises are to be used only after formal consultation with a licensed physical therapist or MD regarding your medical and musculoskeletal health status.


  • Restore functional mobility of the rib cage
  • Improves pain free comfortable shoulder girdle movement
  • Improves movement for overhead activites and sports
  • Improves breathing and rib cage mobility


  • Lie on side comfortably, reach forward with upper arm turning thumb down and arm comfortably inward; slowly roll backwards and turn thumb upwards (like hitchhiking motion) and gently reach back, avoiding any pain and allow entire arm to rotate outwards.
  • Repeat gently 6 to 8 times

Useful for

  • Patients with stiffness, weakness or mild pain of shoulder girdle, neck, upper back or rib cage.