Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy - It's what we do best

Real People, Real Problems, Real Solutions

Whether you've been injured, have difficulty moving or are in pain, it affects your life; often in ways you never expected. At In Motion Physical Therapy, our skilled, experienced therapists understand how pain and injury can dramatically impact your daily life. And we know your recovery depends on getting personalized treatment which focuses on you and your problem. We strive to do the best work possible: the kind of intelligent and personalized care we would want for ourselves, family and friends.

Professional, Personalized Care

We believe the highest level of care available to you is and evaluation and treatment program performed only by a skilled, experienced orthopedic physical therapist.  Our practice does not use physical therapy aides or assistants.  We have helped thousands of people like you overcome their physical  challenges and get back to living normal active lives.  By combining advanced skills, many years of experience and training, and a genuine love for what we do, our team of physical therapists have had excellent results with challenging problems with movement and pain.  Our passion is movement education and hands on healing for the athlete of any age or skill level.